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I don’t need a plumber, I’ll do it myself and save right…. 10 Reasons to think again!

plumber ipswichI often get asked why prices from plumbers are expensive and why do they vary so much between contractors.

Well, there can be a lot of reasons, here’s some:

  1. Can they produce their licence?
  2. Are they local and have a good reputation?
  3. Do they have enough industry experience to complete your project with high quality workmanship?
  4. Have they detailed everything in the quote?
  5. Can they give you contactable references of previous work?
  6. What are their warranties?
  7. Do they have a website to back up what they offer in writing?
  8. Do they have good reviews/testimonials on their social media sites
  9. Are they personable?
  10. Do they seem thankful for the opportunity to perform business?

I am a plumber in Ipswich QLD, and I am required by law to hold a QBCC Contractors Licence, Gas Fitting Licence, Plumbing Licence, Drainage Licence, Backflow Licence and TMV Licence.

It took me 6 years of full-time training to get my trade licences for a reason.

Gas Fitting, Plumbing & Drainage can cause serious personal and public health risks if not correctly performed to the relevant Australian Standards.

It also takes a lot of years, money and constant updating with training if I want to keep running my business maintain protection for my clients and the general public.

So I encourage you to think twice before doing your own plumbing.

And make sure you do your “Due diligence” and ask me to produce any of my licences as proof that I am a professional that is committed to yours and the public’s safety.

Why am I asking you to do this?

I ask you to do this because I want you to get in the habit of asking all trades people you want to hire, to see their licences.

No licence = No insurance protection = Health & Safety Risks

And believe me, after more than 20 years in the trade, I’ve seen some seriously risky and expensive property damage from all kinds of DIY gas fitting, plumbing & drainage defects.

You are welcome to connect with me and share your thoughts or DIY experiences at:

Until next time, keep safe!
Adrian King
Licensed Plumber, Gas Fitter, Drainer, Backflow Tester, TMV Tester

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