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Are you living on a money pit? 6 ways to avoid major plumbing costs before it is too late.

drain camera inspections ipswichFor most people, their house is one of the biggest investments they ever make and  it isn’t some cold investment on a page that you check in with once a year at tax time, it is your living space, your castle, your refuge from the world and its troubles. The last thing you want is for your home to be unpleasant or to start costing you more money. Unlike roofs or windows, drains are out of sight and so very much out of mind for most people, but they’re critical to the smooth running of your household. Take control of your home and with some simple drains risk management you’ll be in charge.


There’s so much working against you – weather, every day usage, maintenance always get put off in face of more obvious things, but long term the savings are there if you’re proactive.

If you’ve never had blocked drains, try and imagine the horror of pressing the flush button and the material in the bowl swelling up towards you, perhaps even overflowing! Or perhaps the sink or dishwasher is now unable to empty. That’s just the beginning of your nightmare. There’s no time to worry about your flooring getting ruined right now, you need to stop this waste water and fast!

So what happens if you get a blocked drain?
You’ll need a plumber – pronto. It helps if you already have a plumber in your network – that’s why we’re here. You know we can give you emergency support in times like this. Practically speaking, you’ll be paying for a call-out fee, and then the hours of work time while emergency clearing goes on. Once the drain is cleared, it isn’t quite over. That emergency clearing might have the drain flowing, but it  might not have exposed the why of how your drain getting blocked in the first place. Oh No.

It could happen again.

Do you want to wait for a second emergency or should you pay now for a full drain camera inspection?

Thankfully there’s an easier way.

Use this checklist of 6 ways to avoid major plumbing costs before it is too late.

1 Technology to the rescue – annual drain camera inspections show you what’s going on underground and where.

2 Annual drain cleaning, yes it is that simple. A regular professional clean will keep most minor problems under control long term. Go back to the footy and enjoy your weekend.

3 Not flushing other items down the toilet. We hate to point it out, but loos are for poohs and bins are for everything else. It might seem convenient to flush something away, but the whole system can, and will, back up if that item didn’t come straight from you. You’ll have a very inconvenient and expensive problem to fix later on. Kids are the classic wildcard here and the toy down the chute will cause tantrums all around. Maybe keep the lid down?

4 Another super simple precaution is to use plug strainers in your kitchen sinks to catch food scraps. For the cost of a few dollars and the discipline to use it, these tiny filters will save you hundred and hundreds of dollars over the life of your mortgage.

5 Similarly, use stick-on disposable strainer strips over bathroom drains to stop hair going into the drain. Hair is very durable and clogs the bends in the pipes. Prevention is much much cheaper than a cure. Easy daily habits maintain your home’s infrastructure.

6 regular readers will remember this pro tip – never pour fats into drains, they solidify inside your drain and are hard to reach and deal with as they build up.

Don’t sit on a money pit that could drain you of cash. The first step is the hardest, call us to give you confident, reasonable advice that lets you make an informed decision and get back in control of your property,


Pro Tip
It is so easy to give your drains a simple flush each month or two – you probably already have the ingredients in your baking cupboard. Put a cup of bicarb soda into your drain and follow it with white vinegar until the fizzing subsides. Now just run some hot water for a minute or two. This simple and earth-friendly action will help keep your drains clear of simple organic debris and will also give you a quick and easy way of checking your drains’ health. Bicarbonate of soda and vinegar are biodegradable and don’t harm the environment.  There are no toxic fumes and are safe to use around kids. How good is that?!

Blocked drains Ipswich & Brisbane
If things have gone beyond the easy fix, give us a call and we’ll sort it out for you, quick as a flush, ah sorry quick as a flash!

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